Member AUSRWC: Accredited Road Worthy Testing Centre

Stubbs Automotive is a trustworthy workshop to get your Road Worthy Certificate and provide RWC for customers in and around Pakenham, Officer, Berwick, Beaconsfield and other areas.

In Victoria a certificate of roadworthiness is required when you purchase or sell a vehicle, and always before a vehicle can be driven. In some cases a roadworthy inspection and certificate of roadworthiness is required to clear a defect notice issued by Victoria Police. Roadworthy standards in Victoria are governed by VicRoads, for more information on roadworthy requirements and certificates please contact VicRoads.

Stubbs’ Automotive & Diagnostic Service is fully qualified and licenced vehicle testers to carry out roadworthy inspections, and can carry out most vehicle repairs required to fulfill the roadworthy requirements.

Contact Stubbs’ Automotive today to book your vehicle for a RWC Inspection.
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