LPG Fitting and tunning

At Stubbs' Auto we know better than most just how much it costs to safely run a car. With the rising price of petrol at the pump these costs are not decreasing as the years go on. With LPG fuel constantly being at a far lower price than standard unleaded petrol more and more Melbourne motorists are making the choice to convert their vehicle to an LPG system to take advantage of the long-term savings.

As automotive experts Stubbs' Auto has the training, qualifications, and equipment to successfully and safely fit and tune high-end and high-performance LPG systems in our customer's cars. Requiring skill and precision, our mechanics and technicians can give you peace of mind and clarity with our hassle-free replacement service. To save money next time your fill up your tank, and every time afterwards, call us today on 03 5941 4077 to book your car in to our workshop.

LPG Fitting