tyre service

Have you begun to feel as though your car isn't gripping the road with the same strength? Do you constantly have to top up the air in your tyres? Does your car list to one side while you are driving on a straight stretch of road? Over time and with extended use even the best tyre can begin to wear down and become unsafe to drive on. As Melbourne's leading automotive professionals the team at Stubbs' Auto can restore your confidence in the tyres keeping your car on the road.

For complete satisfaction we can conduct a number of specialised services from our modern workshop including wheel alignments, balancing, patching and repairs, as well as replacing your worn tyres with a new set of premium tyres at an affordable price. to stay on the road with less chance of a break down or a blow out call us today on 03 5941 4077 for prompt and precise tyre improvement services that you can trust.

tyre services